Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Yesterday was gorgeous and I had a great, slow day. It was sunny and bright all day, but clouds rolled in late in the afternoon and at 5:00 came hail. The hailstones weren’t too large, but the density of the downpour was rather marvellous. I loved the sound of a million tiny stones falling on my metal roof, and the ground turned quickly white.

It came in waves, loud and then quiet as the hail slowed. Then a sudden crescendo and the cats, full of curiosity, ran to the windows. Then a diminuendo, then a massive crescendo again, and on went the waves. I found it all quite exciting as I awaited the arrival of Nancy to go over some clinic documents.

And speaking of the clinic. I am losing a lot of my responsibilities. The Foundation has hired an administrative assistant and an email was circulated to. Board members listing some of the initial responsibilities she would be given; many of them were things I’ve been doing for Nancy and the campaign.

Just before 10:00 last night, the power went out, so I went to bed. I fell to sleep immediately but awoke in the middle of the night and saw that it was snowing. Sigh. Winter is back. And it’s still snowing like mad. It’s a blizzard of small flakes and its heavy wet snow. My poor plants are bending under the weight of the while blanket.

My plan for today begins with the board meeting on Zoom, then I expect to do some memorizing of my script.

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