Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Damn! I Must go to Nanaimo

Every day I give thanks for the call control feature on my landline phone. I get no more scam calls and robocalls bothering me, making me hurry to answer them, only to be made angry. I haven’t had one single call since getting the feature working. Hurrah!

Our morning walk was very pretty, and it wasn’t cold at all. Now that the clouds have rolled in and deposited a dusting of snow, we have much warmer nights. There was very light rain in the afternoon, so we’ve returned to what is normal for our part of the world, and it is much more tolerable. I hate the cold and snow.

I read and puttered through the afternoon. We had a short afternoon walk and then I left Her Highness at home and went to a meeting at the clinic, and after that, to dinner at The Surf with Jay, Eoin, Fran├žois, Dan, and new gay cabal members, Bryce and Trevor. They’re great guys.

When I got home, the fire was long out and so I went to bed, but very early this morning, I got up to light the fire because I was so cold in my bed—plus, I’d heard Fred vomiting somewhere. So, today’s going to be a long day. And damn, I have to go to Nanaimo for a pacemaker check-up. I’m gutted that I have to go., but at least I can take Sheba. Damn! I wanted to just chill all day. 

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