Sunday, February 5, 2023

R&R Days

Saturday was, as planned, a day of rest. I felt myself to be fully functional; I felt fully recovered and full of oxygen again. And this morning, I feel even better. My technician said that I’d need a few days for my heart muscle to recover from the two weeks of constant electrical stimulation from my pacemaker.

It felt very good to have a second day with nothing to do. I cherish those days when my only duty is to walk Her Highness. And today is another day of rest. We went on the big community dog walk together and then I came home to read and to do a little clinic work that is overdue, but I also plan to go through my monologue aloud for the first time. I’m getting very close to having it ready to send to Holdar and Tony.

I have a very relaxing week ahead. I have no clinic work to do and no appointments. It’ll be nice and gentle, warm (for Winter) and wet. 

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