Friday, February 24, 2023

F*cking -11°

Well, WOW! It was my first venture out since the snowstorm yesterday. I passed cars in the ditch and walking the trails is truly nasty. Trees are down everywhere because there is ice in the snow on the branches. I’ve never seen anything like the destruction I saw today on the trails. But what a stunning day yesterday was! The sunshine seemed particularly bright because of all the snow everywhere. What a gorgeous day!

Tomorrow is also likely to be gloriously sunny, then we’re predicted to get more snow on Saturday before it warms up on Sunday and the rains return. I’m relieved that this last gasp of Winter is going to be a short one. My poor plants are shivering and suffering under the weight of the icy snow.

I went grocery shopping and to pick up a prescription (I have 7 bloody prescriptions that I take every day). I asked Aaron, the pharmacist, if he might introduce a frequent user card. It was a joke. The rest of the day had me reading a bit, then running through my lines, then reading some more, then more lines. That’s how the entire day passed, and then Her Highness and I did an afternoon walk in a trail close to home.

I must have gone through my lines a dozen times yesterday. I am still having minor problems with the transitions. Transitions suck. They make it very easy to jump ahead and skip long sections of the script, so I keep going over and over all I have learned until it easily rolls off my tongue. I intend to do it 10 times a day for the next three months. If it’s burned into my brain, I can have a good time onstage.

It's something fun to do.

Last night I did something I don’t like doing. I wrote an opinion email to my fellow clinic board members. I absolutely hate doing that because, like posting on Facebook, I open myself to attack. But I felt it was important to respond to an email from a board member who really impressed me. He called for us to get busy with fundraising, and I felt I had to comment and support him. I wanted my peers to know how I am struggling to hold the communications and fundraising committee together. I am the only working member. One other member has been to one meeting in the past year, and the other is seriously busy with her job, but she is vital to our communications and fundraising planning. Our committee is really her, part time, and me, full time, and that’s it.

It’s bright and clear and beautiful, but it’s also -11° degrees. It’s 8:00 am, and I’ve been up for 2 hours. The fire has been going since I rose, but as I sit at my desk and type, my hands are freezing. When it’s this cold, it takes a few hours for the fire to get the house toasty warm.

I’ll me reading and memorizing today, and counting the hours until this cold snap melts. 

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