Saturday, February 18, 2023

Slow Days

On Friday I found myself wanting only rest. I ran through the monologue a few times, confirming my success in memorizing it. There was some glorious sunshine in the afternoon, but I remained indoors puttering and napping, and then the clouds came back in. But the good thing about Winter rain, is the warm temperatures that come with it.

I’m going to begin memorizing the next few hundred words, encouraged by the confidence Heldor and Tony have in my script. Otherwise, the day will be slow and indoors as outside is cool, dark and damp (but it’s not yet raining). I’m off to walk with Her Highness, and then we’ll come home, me to read and memorize, her to nap.

I’ll be keeping the fire up today, and tonight I join my friends for dinner at Eoin’s and Fran├žois’ place. I’m really looking forward to a night with my gay cabal.

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