Saturday, February 11, 2023

♥️♥️♥️ Bonnie Raitt

The incredible Bonnie Rait writes an amazing song with a story. 
She won the Song of the Year Grammy for penning this tribute to 
organ donors. What a spectacularly talented woman! I'm smitten.

Friday was truly glorious. The sun shone all day. It was brilliant and bright; the colours of everything popped, and the temperature was a heavenly 11° midday. It lifted my spirits wonderfully, especially seeing the Daffodil shoots and little green leaves on one of my Hydrangeas.  It felt like Spring was right around the corner.

We went for a long walk with our friends, both two-legged and four-legged, in the early morning, and then I came home to do some clinic work and then to prepare a big batch of my favourite curry dish for Dave, Ursula and I to have before playing games in the evening.

I cleaned and tidied and I cooked. By 3:30 I was totally pooped, so I got myself into the spa and had a lovely long soak. Still, even after the soak, I felt exhausted from all the work I’d done through the day. I never stopped moving. So, when Dave and Ursula arrived, I was very happy to sit, and then to eat, and then playing games was easy. Dinner gave me my second wind.

Today I will chill all day. In fact, I will chill all weekend. I’ll do some casual work for the clinic, but it’s graphic work, not writing, and therefore easier. It was clear overnight, so it’s much cooler today. I’ll love reading part of both days, nice and close to the fire.

I talked to Dwight. He is such a great friend. He was quite critical of aspects of my monologue, and I loved hearing his point of view. He’s calling back today for a longer chat. He’s such a smart guy in so many ways. I feel very lucky to have someone so thoughtful and willing to take time to read and think about my project. I sent him my monologue to read. He asked to read it, and so I may get some good feedback on the script.

Oh, the joy of having naught to do all day.

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