Monday, July 10, 2023

Heading for an MRI

I had 8 seizures yesterday. My FND adds to the sciatica problem. When I get too much pain, I have a seizure, and seizures involve the tensing of my muscles—particularly in my back and stomach.

We idled around Pinecone Park in the morning, Paula and I, and then we went to the artisan market and food truck at Silva Bay (at the southern end of the island). I was very happy immediately. There was a group providing music and there were zillions of picnic tables scattered about—most of them full of people. But we found a table at which to eat. Sheba was with us, and we had fun greeting may other dogs.

It was not easy for me. I can’t stay on my feet for too long, but I loved being there and our fish tacos were fabulous. Plus, we met and spoke with many strangers, and we saw Dan and Steve. But the most amazing thing was that as we were leaving, Jennifer, my nurse practitioner, was suddenly at my side.

“I’m concerned that physiotherapy may not be enough for you. Can you come in to see me tomorrow?” she asked me. I told her that I could and so that’s what I will do. She wants me to have an MRI. What slightly concerns me, is that if physio is “not enough,” what is? I’m afraid that the MRI may lead to an offer of surgery. I am panicking early. The MRO may reveal nothing. I may just be a pussy about pain.

Regardless, I’m impressed that Jennifer is being proactive with me. I’m up for anything that leads to an improvement in my physical condition. It’s exhausting to live with chronic pain, especially with FND complicating the situation. But I am sleeping comfortably, and nothing is more important than sleeping.

I’ll also have to water today, but with Paula leaving at 11:00, I’ll be much less active and able to rest a lot. Rest really keeps the pain away.

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