Thursday, July 6, 2023

Life is Returning

All Wednesday was about was pain. I was a miserable person all day. I saw Jennifer in the morning, and she has given me a prescription for a nerve pain drug, and I have an appointment in a week with a physiotherapist in Nanaimo. It feels good to be embarked on a treatment and recovery program.

It was horrid watering the garden. I was in constant agonizing pain, plus was very warm yesterday. At 3:00 pm, it was nice and cool and comfortable in the house, but it was 32° outside—way, way too hot for me to be outside doing anything. I was thrilled to take the first pain ill in the afternoon, but it did nothing to relieve me. 

In the evening, I could not decide on anything to watch on Prime, Netflix or Kanopy. Besides, my pain made me distracted. I could not concentrate on anything but finding a position that was the least painful for my leg. In the end, I took to my bed at 7:30 where I can now lie on my right side with virtually no pain. 

I’ve awakened today feeling considerably better. I can straighten my back far more easily than since the onset of this attack. I really feel much better, but I still ache in my leg and still don’t like standing or walking very much.  I have a lot of watering to do today but I feel up to it for the first time since this attack started last Saturday. And that’s all I’ll do.

Kevin, my handsome lovely neighbour, has been walking Sheba every morning and afternoon. And Pete checks in on me every day. I feel blessed to have such great friends here.

I’m going to try to get the watering done early, while it’s still cool and shady. It may reach the mid 30s today, so I want to spend the afternoon in the house where is stays comfortable and cool all day (22°). At 10:30, I Zoom with my UK Stammering support group. 

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