Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Sunday night I had a great, deep sleep. Thank you, marijuana! Consequently, I arose Monday morning feeling like running a marathon and not wanting to see my doctor or proceed with the MRI. Sense prevailed though. I asked Paula to come with me in a walk around the house and by the end of the walk I was in fierce pain, so I went ahead with seeing Jennifer.

At 10:15, I took Paula to the dock of the seaplane. I had a fabulous time with her. We are very compatible, and she is a very easy guest. I missed her company for the remainder of the day.

I came home and just settled onto the chaise to do some reading before lunch, some sun time and then off to see Jennifer (my nurse practitioner). My appointment with her went well (i.e. my way). I’m not having the MRI. I did not want to have one for two reasons: Although it is slow, I feel that I am getting better, and I was scared the MRI was the first step towards surgery and I don’t want to have back surgery again.

In the evening, I continued to feel improvement and this morning I feel even better. I’m walking more erect and I’m not using my cane around the house.

Sheba goes to the groomer this morning and I have plant watering to do and lots of little errands to do. I’m up for doing chores that are not hard on my back. 

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