Friday, July 28, 2023

Prosecco in the Garden

CBC radio played Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor this morning, and it was heartbreaking to hear her and to think of all she endured for being brave enough to express her horror of the papacy and its moral corruption. Rest in peace Sinead. Peace!

And you too, Wally, my poor dear friend. He developed early onset Alzheimer’s and became someone unknown to all of us who knew him. Not too long ago, he was moved into a home. It was a decision that was very, very hard on his wife, Susan, their two adult children and grandchildren. He passed on Sunday, and it felt like a second death, this time of his body.

Yesterday was all about my little garden party. I actually did real work! I slid the paving stones that Dan and Steve delivered for me, to get them into place. I didn’t lift them, and then putting the soil in the cracks and around the edges was easy. I was on all fours and had a beauty of a knee pad. It was easy to do. Now, the footpath is almost done and I can easily finish it.

As I was finishing that job, Nancy arrived. Her partner, Ron, has been walking Sheba and Nancy has been a constant source of support through my sciatica attack. She lent me her zero-gravity chair that I use a lot. It’s comfortable even when I am in pain. They are fabulous neighbours, so I was very sad when she told me why she had dropped by.

She and Ron are having one of their two glorious Shepherds put down today. Poor Sitka is in very poor shape, and it is time. But it is such a hard decision to make. We cried and hugged together; she knows I care. We share a love of animals. They all will be in my mind all day.

By 2:30 I was ready for a nap in advance of the arrival of my friends. I had more pain today than I’ve had for the past 3 days, so I a nap was in order. Even a short rest makes the pain go away. Instead, I get the tinglies.

My friends all arrived at 4:00. The prosecco was cold, and I had a nice charcuterie plate of cheeses, tapenades and some saucisson sec—besides the Prosecco, I had some flavoured San Pellegrino water. And lots and lots of delicious fresh Bing cherries. And the sun shone down in dappled light upon us. It was a perfect afternoon for a gathering and my fellow dog walkers are never ever short of things to discuss.

Regina, Di, Dona and Erik and Nola were my guests. We had a blast being together with snacks and Prosecco instead of talking as we walked the trails with our dogs.

Today the CAYA people come to see me. They are the people to whom I’ve applied for help with dealing with the phone. Kris is coming as well. She’s the person who discovered CAYA. When I called her yesterday, she wasn’t home and so the answering machine responded, and I could not get a single word out.

Then I’m going to work on the footpath. I’m going to work carefully, as I did yesterday without any adverse consequences. Late in the day, I Zoom with Dianne and that’s my day. It’s going to be a nice slow easy day. 

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