Sunday, July 9, 2023


I was up early yesterday. Sleeping in the chair was far, far more comfortable than sleeping in the bed, but what a mess my life has become. I’m bent at the waist, looking down at the ground as I move about with my cane or canes. I have to stop to look up, and I have to be very, very careful about turning my body to the side. Instead, I must stop and turn with my feet. I sure have hopes for the physiotherapy. I worry about going through the rest of my life like this—stooped and in constant pain.

I did some vacuuming, laundry and watered the edible and front gardens before going to Silva Bay to fetch Paula. Thank God I got that outdoor dining set. I’d have far, far more pain and problems doing the watering without them.

I brought Paula home and she got settled into her room, and then we went to the Farmers’ Market and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw lots of people I know, and people were exceptionally kind and courteous about making way for the cripple. We really loved the small town atmosphere of the market and seeing people having such a great time.

Then we came home for lunch and hanging out. We sat in the sunshine and talked, we napped, and we watered the gardens before dinner and then some movies—plus, lots and lots of conversation. It was a great, great day.

But best of all, was being able to lie down in my bed and to sleep well through the night. I awoke overjoyed to have slept so well. Getting out of bed hurt, of course, but I am not having to bend over so low to ease the pain, so I believe I am getting better and that thrills me.

I got up early this morning and put all my bedding into the washing machine. Tonight, I will sleep in my bed, I hope, and with lovely smelling clean bed linen. And I had a lovely spa, shaved (which I. don’t do often), and put on a brand new shirt because today we’re going to the Sunday Market where there’s an artisan market and we’ll eat at the food truck there in the park.

Cleaning my bed and myself is my way of celebrating the return of hope that I will walk normally again. Although life has been really rough for the past week, my happiness and joy with my life has never wavered, and today I’m high on hope. The improvement in my pain and mobility is slight, but it’s improvement and that thrills me.

I have 4 days until I start physio. By then, I hope that I’ve recovered enough to do the therapeutic exercises that they are likely to want me to do, without pain.


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