Monday, July 17, 2023


It felt good to be doing simple chores around the yard. I did not take a pain pill, so the pain mounted as I took on my tasks. I’d take a break when it started to become too painful, and I’d have a good long rest before returning to work.

Two different people told me that I should remove the beauty bark I had under my fruit bushes, so that was my first job after watering yesterday. They both said the beauty bark absorbs all the nitrogen that the bushes need. It’s all removed now, and I now have a bark covered path around the back of my front yard garden.

With that done, it was nap time. Then I watered, and by then my back was hurting so I quit for the day and started a new book. I can’t believe how easily I tire. I felt good relaxing in the cool house knowing that the nitrogen-sucking bark was removed and that all my plants were well watered.

By afternoon, I was in a lot of pain. That seems to be the pattern of my days: I start off pretty much pain free and walking erect in the morning, and by afternoon I’m a wreck. But Cory told me to keep moving, so I do.

Today I’m taking it easy again. I have a date with my friend John for lunch. He’s coming with his biking friends as he did last year, and they go to someone’s place to eat while John and I go to the Surf together. I’m very happy he’s coming. He’s such a great, great friend, and we’ve been fast friends since 1970.

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