Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Great Prime Deals

Tuesday was a good day. Sheba was groomed in the morning and came home looking and smelling fabulous. I couldn’t stop paying attention to her because she is so clean and bright looking. I love it when she comes home from the groomers.

And I was walking around the yard and home without a cane. I still hurt like mad if I am on my feet, so I don’t go far without the cane, but it’s welcome progress! 

I watered everything thoroughly; it felt good to be back husbanding my gardens. I see every plant and any problems in the garden when I water each plant individually. I still must use the chairs to do the watering though. Thank God for so many chairs at Pinecone Park!

I am able to move much better than I have during past two weeks. I can walk in a more upright position, but I still use my cane.


Woo hoo! It’s “Prime Day.” I saw news of it all over the media. Didn’t know what it was and didn’t care—until last night. When I went to Amazon Prime, I saw notice that various streaming services were on sale. I subscribed to AMC for 3 months @ $2.99/month, and Out TV for .99¢/month for 2 months. A whole new library of films and television is open to me. Perhaps it’s time to cancel my cable.

Basically, I watch British and foreign films. I’ve not much interest in American films. There are, of course, exceptions. But I love movies from the UK. They all feel like real people because everyone looks like real people, and there’s long been evidence of diversity in their casting in stories of the common man. The two channels that feel suited to my taste. And no commercials plus the Pause feature.

I was suffering in the night because I was active (for me) during the day. I hung two bird houses, fastening them to my arbour with my new drill/screw drive, and fastened Winter anti-slip strips on the edge of the stairs on the back deck. And I did laundry. And you’re thinking: So what? Well, when your back is killing you, try raising your arms. I had to hang all the laundry on the line and take it off.

My evening was really painful. I was on two canes. I have ferry reservations for a trip to Vancouver in early August. I’m thinking seriously of canceling, but I’m going to see how it goes with physio. More than anything, what I want to know is what NOT to do going forward. I’d hate for this to come on during a trip. My FND, my sciatica, my pets and my plants all want me to stay home in the Summer.

The wonderful thing, though, is that I can manage. I can handle this pain. It does not prevent me from feeling happy and full of love for all I have and all that’s around me. I can feel this way because when it gets too much, I have the 10 chairs in the garden, and a couch, bed, chaise, and hot tub for relief. And there’s the pills.

My new neighbours have a young Doodle, and Sheba loves him. Since I can’t take Sheba for a walk, I open the friendship gate between our yards to let the two dogs play. They play excellently and enthusiastically together. They have more than half an acre to play on when the gate is open. Lots to smell, and they love to run in circles around the foliage surrounding one tree. Sosa is a little delight, but slightly yappy. I’m absolutely delighted that they have each other to play with while I limp around the yard. It makes me happy to see them together. First thing in the morning, the gate is Sheba’s first stop, where she can see into Sosa’s yard.

This morning I feel even better than yesterday. What a miracle! I still need my cane, but I am walking slowly but upright. What I want to do is finish the new pathway, but the cement paving stones that I use are heavy and I need 30 more of them. I may try to bring some home and get at least a few more done. But it’s just as likely that I won’t do that. I’ll just take it easy so that things continue to heal.

Tomorrow is my first physiotherapy appointment.

Butterfly eggs.

My father was a friend of Jay Silverheels who
played Tonto on the television series.

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