Tuesday, July 18, 2023

😡 Pain

There are things needing to be done everywhere. I sigh as I tour the yard. I just do not want to do much for fear of aggravating my back/leg/nerve. I spent the morning yesterday, tidying up the house a little, basically killing time as I waited for John’s ferry to arrive at 11:30. I was looking forward to lunch without dishes to be done.

He arrived right on time with 13 friends—other active seniors dressed in their cycling togs. While they went to lunch with their host (another rider), John and I headed to the Surf for lunch. We got there, only to find that it was closed due to a staffing shortage, so we headed into the village and Ground Up, the only other restaurant open during the day. But it, too, was closed. Monday is their day off. So, we got some salads and quiche at Nestors, and came home to eat in the garden.

It was great to be with John, and I was glad he saw Pinecone Park. He was very complimentary about the gardens. He loved the silence of the island. At 2:00 we headed back to the ferry so that he could rejoin his friends and we passed them cycling along North Road. As we assembled at the terminal, the ferry arrived, and they were off. I came home to nap and do watering. MY poos plants need daily dosing in this relentless heat.

Come Friday, we’re predicted to continue to have sunshine, but with some clouds and cooler temperatures. Thank goodness!

I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 8:30, but I could not sleep due to pain. I was constantly moving around trying to find comfort. After 4 hours of that, I moved to the couch where I felt better (the cats were using the chaise and I couldn’t bring myself to disturb them). And after about another hour of resting there, the pain seemed to subside somewhat, so I went back to the bed and was able to get some sleep.

This morning, I feel worse. My pain is worse than the past two days. I’m not getting better so I hope that the physio and Cory will help me. I cancelled my booking to Vancouver in early August on the ferries because I don’t want to feel obliged to move around.

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