Saturday, July 8, 2023

Cleaning the Roofs; Sleeping in a Chair

Last night was absolute Hell! I could not find a position in bed that did not hurt. I lay in bed constantly moving trying to find comfort until 1:00 am, and then I decided to ‘sleep’ on the chaise. I am much more comfortable sitting up with a straight back. It was a good idea. I actually got brief periods of welcome sleep sitting up.

Paula arrives for the weekend this morning. She’s a fan of marijuana, so she’ll likely be using it this weekend, and tonight I think I’ll have some marijuana pills. It helps me sleep and so tonight I hope to sleep well in my bed. Plus, I’ve decided to take 3 pain pills a day and not 2. I want to take one right before bed.

Yesterday Sheba had no walk, and I did very little. Preston was here most of the day cleaning the roofs. I did simple watering with the watering can, to keep the moss that I planted on the sides of the new footpath alive. I did a little reading, and I had a lovely nap in dappled sunlight.

I didn’t feel better but neither did I feel worse. The pills make the pain easier to sustain, but rest is the best antidote to my pain. I still cannot bear to be on my feet for more than a minute or two.

The best part of the day, yesterday, was eating nice fresh raspberries of my bushes. I have a decent crop even though the canes are small this year. They are my only crop this year. There are no apples, thanks to the bloody caterpillars, and no blueberries. 

Paula arrives this morning at 9:30. I’ll have help to do some things around the yard, and she’ll be a wonderful distraction from the pain. 

The studio roof before ....

Close up of before ....

Preston at work on the studio roof.


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