Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Welcome Rain!

The sky leaked all morning yesterday. At 11:00, neighbour Ron came by to walk Sheba for me, and when they came back, Sosa, from next door, was anxiously awaiting Sheba’s return. They played together and I was happy that she had some relief of the boredom of her life with me and sciatica. Then we were off to the village to fetch my prescriptions as the leaks stopped, the wind rose, and the skies brightened. 

But in the afternoon, the real rain came thundering down on my metal roof. I was thrilled for the gardens and the forest. Sheba, the cats and I were happy as can be; I was under a blanket with a book on the chaise. It rained all afternoon. Sheba was bored to tears. I finished the 22nd Commissario Brunetti mystery. I have eight to go.

By 8:00 pm, there were big patches of blue sky. It’s been very nice to get a break from watering the gardens. 

Today has dawned like yesterday. The sky is grey and it’s drizzling. It’ll be another indoor day of little action. We needed the rain we’ve had, but I’m ready to return to the endless good weather again. I want to be outside.

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