Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Garden Party Day

Each good night’s sleep leads to each day being better than the day before. The marijuana pills are doing such a great job of easing me into deep, healing sleep. Tuesday was the best day I’d had in weeks. I walked around the house and even took short trips into the yard without a cane. I walked upright, too. But things are different.

There’s deficiency in my left foot and leg. My left foot doesn’t rise like my right foot does when I am walking. And I get the tinglies now instead of pain. I’m not restored to function, but the pain is gone. I feel good.  

At 3:00 on Tuesday, the sky cleared, and we were back in sunshine. Ron, Nancy’s partner, came to walk Sheba. When they came back, Sheba and I fetched my new 100-foot non-tangling hoses from the post office and got them installed in the yard. Doing the watering is going to be much, much easier for me from now on.

Wednesday was spent cleaning up around the yard and in the house. Today is my little garden party with my fellow dog walkers in the late afternoon, and I wanted everything to look at welcoming and tidy as possible.

We’re back to perpetual sunshine, but it’s cooler now. All this week is predicted to be sunny and 25°. That’s perfect Summer weather.

Wednesday was uneventful. I did some shopping and puttered around the yard much of the day. I remain without pain most of the time, but infrequently I get terrific shocks of pain when I do something wrong. So, I’m still taking it easy. Last night I slept well without any sleep aid, so that is great progress.

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