Sunday, December 28, 2014

la Respiration

This is my breathing record for September,
October & November of this year.
This is December and shows the effect of a recent virus.
Every three months, I get three numbers that speak to my immune system. I can't explain them; I ignore them. What I feel means something to me; the numbers don't, but they can be ignored because they are all good. I also get numbers about my blood, white blood cells in particular, liver and kidney. I have a blood and urine test in the hospital across the street every three months to get the numbers.

But at home, measure my breathing twice a day. Asthma is different than many lung diseases because asthma is about having trouble breathing out, not in. By monitoring my breathing as I do, I know how much of what kinds of medicine to take.

I recently had a virus. You can see it hit me in the December chart where the big dip is. And now my breathing is unstable—there are daily fluctuations, but this is the first virus I have had in four years that did not require hospital treatment! That is amazing and significant for my future.

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