Monday, December 8, 2014

Le Mars de Lundi

Je avais commencé une nouvelle tradition de titrage mes messages en français… même si mon écriture en français chutes courtes loin de la marque.
At 8:30 am this morning it was already 11°. The Pineapple Express is here brining warm, warm air from Hawaii to our coast. I walked without a coat (out of necessity) on a grey day and discovered there is nothing like walking the seawall on a Monday morning early and during a break between raise storms. It may have been the least populated walk of the seawall I have ever had.

Even in winter, there is beauty on this wonderful wall walk. My last walk was during the raging storm and this morning there were three trucks of men fixing the broken sections of the retaining wall.
From today's Huffington Post:
"Environment Canada is warning West Coast residents to brace for "an incredible series of storms" that will bring an "extraordinary" amount of rain this week. According to forecasters "an intense jet stream over the Pacific is gathering very warm moist air from southern latitudes." The warm subtropical weather pattern will "bombard the mountains of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland from today through Thursday morning." Around Metro Vancouver, residents are warned to expect prolonged rain over the next three to four days, starting with 25 mm to 100 mm of rain by Tuesday morning."

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