Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Love "Homeland"

CIA-issued, rectally-inserted "emergency kit."
And you think the long hours at work are bad.

I am binge-watching Homeland and could not be happier with my television.

Years ago, I gave up my car. Last February I stopped smoking dope (and vaporize instead), and in September I stopped eating bread and eating too many sweets. In November I gave up my land telephone line (and got an iPhone) and next may be cable. TV sucks, but Homeland is fabulous and by buying three seasons and watching them over a week-to-ten-days, I retain a lot of nuance to both the plot and characterization. (Plus, with Uncle Gus' Monkey having won a position with Praxis'  screenwriting competition, my accountant has informed me that movie tickets and video receipts are fully tax deductible.)

I also bought the British version of House of Cards (to avoid having to see Kevin Spacey).

Watching Homeland made me wonder about being a CIA agent. Hello Wikipedia and your links. What you see above is a CIA-issued rectally-inserted CIA "emergency kit." It has made me start to believe everything I see on the show.

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