Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Une Promenade Sous la Pluie

Retirement, in so many ways, is a second childhood and one things boys love to do is walk in the rain and in the puddles so I felt compelled to go out and experience the much hyped "king Tide." I regretted choosing to walk the beaches instead of the seawall I know so well, but I was not disappointed in the end. I took, but did not use, an umbrella. It was too warm and too much fun to walk unencumbered.  And it is so warm, I stopped under a roof to take my sweatshirt off and wear just a t-shirt under my raincoat.
This is a veranda I could love. Doors into a sun room.
Another spectacular patio on my route to the beach. 
This home is on an island surrounded by
roads but looks out over the beach.

Usually the highest tide is where you can see some waves
beyond the logs to the right.

The white on the top of the branches made this tree
stand out in the rain. It is stunning, even in winter.

On the bus coming home, wet and happy.

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