Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Set: Final Choices

Last night was worrisome. Around 9:00 pm there was a power failure and it lasted a long time. I went to bed, worried that my fish would suffer from the lack of circulation. But there was nothing I could do.  This morning I turned on the lights with trepidation but all is well.
All is very well, in fact because I think I have a better set idea that the current working model. Here is what won the first round of concept models. It is the "transparent house" idea (for a play about the history of Presentation House).

And here is the model I built this morning and prefer because MUCH of the text and all the visuals are derived from my diaries. The actor carries a diary often and reads from it (not me). So I thought the set might be my diary and I could pull up screens rolled up inside of images from the stories I tell. (You can see two such images pulled up in the photo; there is also a screen for projections).

I built the theatre at Presentation House with repurpose, recycled and scrounged material; I had no budget for salaries or materials. I want the costumes and set for this history of that past, to reflect that.

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