Monday, December 29, 2014

Cognitivement Contesté

The white arrow is pointing to a solid yellow
line that I thought was telling me that there
was hardly any gas. In fact, those horizontal
lines on the right indicate a full tank. 

I am humbled and afraid. This is a sad story.

Last night I used an unfamiliar car from the car sharing network to which I belong. When I got in, I checked on the gas level and it seemed to me to be empty, so I began by going to the gas station but they would not accept the credit card so I called the car co-op office and they asked me to use my own VISA card and send in the receipt for a refund. 

Honestly, I took me three or four minutes to find the lever that you have to pull to open the cap that covers the where you put the gas into the car because the interior lights in the car don't work so they are not backlit. Once I found it, however, I could not get any gas into the car; it was as if the car was already full of gas.

It was full of gas. I had totally misread the indicator panel. So off I went to my party and when I got there, I really had to go to the bathroom badly. And guess what. I could not figure out how to get out of the car—again, those non-lit buttons made it impossible to find the unlock button. I thought I would wet my pants. 

Now I know why cell phones were invented. Had I not had one with me, last night would have been a total disaster ending with me not going and in a bad, bad mod. Instead, I went to the party, had a ball and went to bed feeling dumber than ever.

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