Saturday, December 13, 2014


The beautiful old postcard is of the old Rogers home on Davie Street. It is just a few blocks from me and it has sat empty for many years. It has been well maintained, but abandoned and now it is up for sale for $10 million. I hope it  becomes something interesting and accessible. It is a stunning building that I have loved all my life. I try to imagine their lives there. It is very close to both Stanley Park and the beach.
I went to Costco today. The main reason is limes. In all the stores around me, limes are $1 each but at Costco, a bag of limes (17 limes) is $3.99. Anyway, while passing the tills, I saw a man who, like me, had only three items to buy and when his teller was finished with the woman she was serving, he called out that he wanted to be next.

The teller explained that there were two people ahead of him and he replied that he wasn't stupid, that he could see that but that they had a lot of things. It got really ugly on his part, very quickly and it made me want to come home and look at real estate ads for remote places.

What is with people like him? I see them everywhere—people who feel they deserve special treatment. People who consider their time so valuable that the fair treatment of others is secondary. 

The rest of the day was uneventful except for a lovely lunch with my friend, Leslie. She took me to the Banana Leaf as a belated birthday present. 

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