Sunday, December 21, 2014

Un Séjour sur le "Seawall"

My two favourite days of the year are the day each year that daylight saving starts and today, the winter solstice. Tomorrow is the first day towards summer 2015; today is the beginning of longer days. That is the best Christmas present possible.

Today, as usual, textures caught my eyes as I walked as did iconic sights. Cedar, the pattern of waves on sand, clouds/fog/clouds/the ocean blending together, leaves, grasses… there is beauty everywhere but never have I been more aware of the stunning sights of winter.

These mistletoe bombs are everywhere.

There are orange, red, blue and white berries.
Beautiful berries abound in winter.
On the west side of the park are high cliffs
and because of all the winter storms, there
are lots of new streams.

Seriously wet.

I love the composition here.

As ferns decay, their colour deepens.

Look at these colours and textures;
I love this composition.

These, in life, are a deeper violet.  They are
stunning salad (Gaultheria Shallon) leaves.

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