Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dimanche Matin: Dernières Nouvelles

Hooray, hooray, hooray… I feel so good. The morning all is calm and all is bright; it is unexpectedly sunny and it happens to be mild so I am off this morning for an early am seawall walk. And any day that I can enjoy a long, dry walk is a great one. Plus, this morning I was easily able to do my voice exercises whereas during the past few days, whilst sick, they were impossible to do.
And… I don't think I have heard a single Christmas carol so far. (For me, that is cause to rejoice.)
Surprise Christmas bonus: A store bought 336 of my second book (that bombed in sales).
Another surprise Christmas bonus: Norman Browning, a fabulous and highly accomplished actor has accepted the male role in my play. I met Norman in 1948 when I was not even yet a year old, so how great is that? But he needs to be flown here from back east and that is expensive so I wonder if the director will stick with him. Tomorrow I will hear if Patti Allen (who would be perfect for the role and is a dear friend) will take the female role.
Last night, I went (on short notice) to a lovely party and friends' David & Bryan's house where, at one point, I impressed everyone with the story of Brian Stonehouse (previous post).

It was pouring last night.
The kitchen screamed CHRISTMAS!

They gave me this variegated Pointsettia
but I forgot to bring it home. Damn.
We had hedges of Pointsettias in Trinidad.
A shelf in the kitchen.
Their beloved Pepper.

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