Monday, December 8, 2014

Le Défi de Dimanche: Biscuits de Noël avec Glaçage Royal

The trick is perfectly even cookies or they burn wherever
they are thinner. Even rolling dough takes learning.

Making simple heartfelt gifts for close friends at Christmas is a joy. Today was a lovely sunny day in which to bake. In winter, one handy thing about baking in the afternoon is that the sun shines right through the oven window making it very easy to see exactly when to remove the cookies from the heat.

The results of the day: I have making the cookies down pat. And I can make perfect Royal Icing at outlining, top coating and flooding consistency really well (even if I do say so myself). But I am crap with the pastry bag and application of the icing. It may be that by the time I was ready to decorate, after a long day of measuring, mixing and baking, I was too tired for the detail work involved with decorating.  I will back to it today.
On another front… I did something daring. I went on a date, 3 days into my 67th year. I met Tony on Craigslist in the "strictly platonic" section (Wherein so many people prove their lack of understanding of the term). He is a short, handsome, caring, very speedy extroverted Italian. I have my doubts that we will meet again. I am ambivalent but proud of myself for answering his ad and meeting him. Trying is good.
Sunday brought proof of God's existence to the airwaves in Vancouver: Book of Mormon is coming to Vancouver in April. I think I will go twice. tickets go on sale at 10:00 am this morning. Yay!

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