Sunday, December 28, 2014

Marcher sur la Digue

I love this photo. 
The seawall is 9 kilometres; walking to it and back to my home is 13 kilometres. Until recently, I believed I walked the seawall, on average, 50 times a year; on October 8th, I decided to start recording my walks to see if, in fact, I walked the wall that many times.

Today will be my 28th 13-K walk since then. I will easily do the wall 30 times this quarter and that means my annual seawall walks, projected and seasonally adjusted, number something more like 130 times, not 50.

Since October 8th, I've walked many more than the 104 kilometres of my official walks±walking for walking sake. Again, projected and seasonally adjusted, I likely walk 1,700 kilometres each year of formal walks.

I LOVE walking. It is my meditation, it is my form of prayer. I feel such extraordinary joy when I am walking and it is sunny as it is today. Yet walking is something I failed into. My asthma prevents me from doing aerobic exercise and I can no longer risk falling. Every time I fall, I break a bone, so walking has become a highly satisfying passion.

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