Monday, November 9, 2015

A Delightful Monday

This is a bouquet I put together.
It's on my new linen table cloth.

Today glorious sunshine elevated my spirits that were already high at the prospect of shopping for new baking pans and more fresh organic raw materials with which to make a Remembrance Day not to be forgotten (for at least a few hours).

I’m going to make a British Baking Show dinner. As previous posts reveal, my favourite baker in Season Two has been Ruby. To honour her—she was a runner up (boo hoo!)—I am going to attempt to emulate her pastry basket (previous post; minus its handle). But I instead of her vegetarian filling, I am going to fill it with Tourtière.

I’ll serve Ruby’s pie with a side salad, green beans and mashed potatoes—comfort food for what is predicted to be a wet winter day.

I got Rosie Daykin’s cookbook (she owns the extraordinary Butter Bakery) so that I can make her Apple Cake. It calls for using Granny Smith apples but I am going to use Mutsu apples instead. They have become my passion since discovering them through a grower who is a regular at the summer and winter Farmers’ Markets. (This grower and his apples have turned me into a weekly visitor to the market.) I will serve it with warm Maple sauce and whipped cream because… what is life for if not desserts? 

My wares may fall short of perfection but they'll be served with plenty of affection.

My friends are bringing bubbly, so while the Tourtière roasts we can toast our each other, loves lost and our Veterans.

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