Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Methane Maker Masbridge

Wow. Watching the swearing-in ceremony of the new Canadian parliament was moving. It was open to the public for the first time and the weather was stunning for a walk by Justin Trudeau and his new cabinet from Sussex Drive to Rideau Hall.

As I watched it, the host on the CBC was a smart, eloquent woman who set a brisk pace. I was moved by the film clips they showed of the swearing-in of Justin’s father and  by the “rock star” feeling of the day that came through and got me excited.

This festiveness and openness is new in Canadian politics, as it Mr. Trudeau’s commitment to gender parity in parliament. I certainly have never before been interested in this changing-of-the-government day.

It all was feeling terribly exciting and then blustering, repetitive and dull old Peter Mansbridge took over as host and the whole atmosphere of excitement sank like turd in a toilet.

I love the CBC but their news staff if largely offputting: Barbie doll Wendy Mensley, like Peter Mansbridge (her former lover), is unwatchable. She radiates primary interest in herself and her image. God good woman, all you do is read word.

Have you ever watched the PBS news or BBC International? Those women know how to deliver the news and project an aura of intelligence. There is none of the Mensley bleach blond and lip-gloss. Remember Barbara Frum? She set the bar so high there is a lot of air between it and Peter and Wendy Mensley as they walk way, way under it.

It’s time for CBC to do for news broadcasting what Justin Trudeau is doing for Canadian politics—bringing a new generation into power. Peter and Wendy should go to Neverland—no, they should be turned out to pasture with that other major methane producer, Mr. Harper.

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