Thursday, November 26, 2015

US Thanksgiving Walk

Steve, my ex, Skyped from LA this morning and it was an excellent start to my day. He is a dear friend who knows me very, very well. His advice and insights into my dilemmas and behaviour are always spot on.

After our talk I went to Ming Wo, a favourite cooking store. I love the place, but boy, there was a woman—clearly a person in authority—who was rude to a caller on the phone and two staff members when I was there. I fled rather than speaking up in defence of her staff. Ming Wo just lost a fan.

I took the long route along the seawall to Chinatown, visited the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, the first authentic classical Chinese created outside Canada. They have these perfect gifts there: Glass eggs, hand painted on the inside, for only $12.

On my walk, I took these photos of vibrant fall foliage:

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