Monday, November 2, 2015

Two Photographs

My friend Beth sent me a link to a website hosting the winning photographs of the Siena International Photography Contest. They are, of course, amazing photographs, but two stood out for different reasons.

First of all, I came across this one:

Here is what the photographer, Hasan Baglar, says:

‘When mantises are afraid of something, they raise their arms and spread their wings. It’s their normal defensive behaviour. To take the picture I attempted to touch them and this is how they reacted, opening their wings. They look like smiling ballet dancers.’
Mr. Baglar's photograph is a showstopper. I love it for so many reasons: The insects are spectacularly beautiful, their posture is funny and it fills you with joy. I love, too, that it celebrates the small; it makes the insignificant spectacular.

The other shot that stopped me in my tracks is this one. I do not find it in any way spectacular:

It hit me because I recognized it right away. I have passed it a zillion times—well maybe fifty. I passed it every time I went to my favourite beach in Nice where I have spent two fabulous years in my lifetime.

See all the photos here.

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