Monday, November 9, 2015

Ruby Wins My Heart

Ruby's stunning baked picnic basket.
The layers are incredible.
Glorious Ruby!
She lost last night. My delight, Ruby, of the Great British Baking Show became a runner-up with Kimberly when Frances won the Season Two competition. I was crushed. Then I went to Google to see if I could find her recipe for making her Picnic Basket Pie. I got more than I was after.

First of all, I easily found the recipe, but then I found her blog and several articles that she has written for various online and print publications. I also discovered her last name: Tandoh. I love Ruby Tandoh. And guess what? She’s a sister; she has come out since finishing the show.

I have no meetings or dates today or tomorrow and I am thrilled because I will use all the time to plan and prepare for a dinner I will serve to three great friends on Wednesday night. I am going to bake Ruby’s Picnic Basket Pie.

That’s the beauty of this show: It fires you up. Its contestants inspire. They give you confidence to try for challenging goals—particularly my personal favourite, Miss Ruby.

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