Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Writing Speed

What to write: A screenplay or a script? I chose script. Screenplays require both dialogue and a considerable amount of description of many sets, character physical actions and some cinematographic direction; it’s far more work. A script permits you to leave a lot to the writing screenplays require to the imagination.

This new script is actually engaging me. The fact that I am not disclosing any information about it (except that it exists) proves how drastically I have changed my approach to writing. All my past books and scripts were commissioned or sold before commencement. My only speculative project was my Monkey screenplay. An impatient and confident partner, however, pushed me to write it and promptly sold it upon its completion.

When I wrote for pay it sometimes felt like getting into a Roman galley wherein you were whipped if you did not keep pace. Whereas (slowly) writing this script is like getting into a canoe on a beautiful sunny day in some gorgeous rural landscape to barely paddle downstream on a gently flowing crystal-clear river.

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