Friday, November 20, 2015


Yesterday morning there was ice on the roof across the street but it was a glorious day and I felt so wonderfully free. I had a very productive day, walking the wall and doing errands not writing much at all. Writing is now for rainy days, seeing as I have no deadline.

I am still reeling over that MC and the show.
I took this the evening I attended Kooza.
Thick, rich, glorious toxic berries.
Stunning against the blue sky, no?!

Click on this to see it clearly.
This was noon yesterday on the seawall. A small portion of
the wall is closed so no one is on it. Heaven! I took this shot
at noon at the spot that is usually the wall's busiest point,
In the evening I made four little Apple cakes with
maple sauce. I eat it warmed and with rich vanilla
bean ice cream.

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