Sunday, November 22, 2015

Practical Saturday

I awoke on Saturday morning to a glorious winter day—perfect weather for a day of errands. I had a fairly lengthy list.

I have a new relationship with errands. Whereas once they were tedious aspects of life that had to be fitted into a busy working and social life, now they are welcome things to do. And not only do I like doing them, I have the time to do them well—to measure or match carefully and to comparative shop.

I took two-bus ride to the Farmers’ Market for apples and then I went to the art supply store to get more gold leaf with which to finish gilding my tables. Then I had time for some food shopping in my neighbourhood before lunch.

After lunch I went to the fish store and got new shrimp and an emergency pump. And my last journey was to the pre-Christmas market in Yaletown, the neighbourhood beside mine. I got a Tourtièrre against which to do a taste test of my own from my favourite chef, Enrick. I also got some of his fruit ketchup that is delicious.

I was starving by 5:00; my lunch was slight. So I ate and by six o’clock I was ready for bed. I was dead tired so out I went for a walk in the cold and came back with enough energy to watch a Cuban film that was a delight. I love Netflix.

And to dreams at ten.

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