Sunday, November 22, 2015


The warm, friendly staff are great at Ming Wo.
The wooden floor yields a welcoming wood
smell and there are a zillion things to entertain
the mind and the eye.

I headed off to Ming Wo for some kitchen porn. I love that store. And on the way, as I approached an intersection, I noticed a man with an assistance dog get blown off by an uncaring young woman. As I got closer to the man, I asked him if I could be of assistance.

I was attracted to his gorgeous young black lab assistant dog that was very interested in my sandwich. The dog’s interest in food was making him a lousy guide dog.

Turn’s out the man is blind, from out of town and lost so I walked him to the subway and had a lovely chat with a man who faces huge challenges every day and I wondered what kind of selfish bitch was too busy to help this man know what street he was on. That is all he was asking.

At Ming Wo I got some nozzles with which to practice piping mashed potato for a special dinner I am hosing on Sunday.

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