Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wet, Wet Saturday

I have an addictive personality. How am I affected? Ask my enablers. There are many of them: I have my regular marijuana, diet coke and Ahi tuna dealers.

Other aspects of life with an addictive personality: I regularly lunch at the same restaurant and sit in the same seat, I find an item of clothing I love and so I get several more, I walk the same routes. I have been told I have mild OCD; it seems to me that my addictive personality is related to OCD.

So about six weeks ago at a Saturday morning Farmers’ market, a pusher got me to taste a Mutsu apple. I wrote about it on this blog. Suddenly I went from being someone who normally ate perhaps eight-to-ten apples a year, to someone who eats two-to-three a day!

How much do I love Mutsu apples? Yesterday, being almost out of them and a Saturday, I took 2 busses and trudged through the worst rainstorm since last winter in order to go to the Winter Farmers’ Market and get my fix.

I wore a long impermeable and gumboots that I hardly ever wear and donned my largest backpack and got $40 worth of Mutsus plus a list of all the market locations at which my Mutsu supplier will be during the winter. He thinks he’ll be able to keep me in Mutsus until April or May and then I face withdrawl until the 2016 crop matures.
In the evening, I joined a "posse" to which I belong for a dinner. And WOW, what a treat to eat a delicious home-made feast in perfect company. We had really great fig/cheese canapés that we dipped in a  reduced balsamic emulsion while we drank Prosecco. Mmm. Then halibut and fresh baguette (which should also be on  my addiction list) and then, for dessert, we had homemade biscotti with an ice cream made with cheese. Mmmmm. The photo above is me with Gracie, my hosts' puppy.

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