Saturday, November 7, 2015

Returning to the Light

Quotes are from the Huffington Post.
"Our government values science and will treat scientists with respect. This is why government scientists and experts will be able to speak freely about their work to the media and the public," said Navdeep Bains, Canada's new minister of innovation, science and economic development, in a statement on Friday afternoon.
Imagine: It's news that Canadian scientists can speak freely to the press.
In 2014, The Canadian Press exchanged 110 emails with 16 different government officials, trying to land an interview with a Canadian scientist about rock snot.

They were unsuccessful.
It's news because the former Harper government barred Canadian scientists from speaking with the media. Imagine! In 2015 in Canada. This is Orwellian policy shamed us. In fact, 800 scientists from 32 different countries signed a petition appealing the Harper decision to know avail.

Trudeau's Liberals have replaced my shame with pride. They have promised to "eliminate all regulations that censor government scientists," and even create a government-funded research portal to ensure easy access to information. And they created a Minister of Science position, promising to "restore science." Praise the Lord.
The change is already in action. Scientists at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans were told Thursday they can now speak to the media, David Prince, the director of Canadian Hydrographic Service, told the Toronto Star.

On Friday, one of CBC's health reporters, Pauline Dakin, wrote that in the past six to eight years she has never been granted an interview with the health minister. But twice this week, her colleagues, including radio host Nicole MacLennan, were able to speak with Liberal ministers Kent Hehr and Bains within an hour of requesting interviews.
Praise the Lord.

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