Saturday, February 10, 2024

A VERY Busy Day!

Thursday went by quickly and easily. It was another typical day of doing what I do best: Nothing! Which is to say, I puttered and read all day. I was not inspired to venture outdoors. It’s getting harder and harder to think of anything to write here. It was cloudy and dull all day.

Friday, however, dawned clear, bright and cold. And what a day it was. I had no idea that the day would turn into an all-day, non-stop adventure. It started with fitness at 9:30. I can’t say I like exercising, but the class is very welcoming and supportive. I looked forward to going again on Monday and staying with it, two days a week.

I’m really chuffed that I’m doing this. I hate it but it makes me feel very good in my mind and in my body. Kris and Steve were there, so I had little visits on our breaks. I was more careful this time. I did not want to experience another weekend like last weekend when I could not handle the pain in my thighs and in the back of my legs.

After the class, I delivered a book to Regina and then hurried home to shower and have a nice spa to relax my muscles. By the time I got out, it was time to Zoom with Nicola. She and I had a great chat. She is going to Nova Scotia to do a show at Neptune Theatre, and then she is going to live in her cabin on the water until Fall. Thank God for Zoom and FaceTime. Nik and I stay connected via our long chats.

Shortly after two, Ali arrived. I had to say god-bye to Mis Nik, and then Ali and I visited her until 4:30. She and I had a great visit. Pete is back on Sunday. He’s been away for a couple of months, so I look forward to seeing him. We’ve become good friends as a result of the work they did on my deck. That work together, all day, every day, for ten days allowed us to get to know each other, well.

When Ali left, it was time to take Sheba for a walk. So, I did that, and then it was dinner time. I got dinner ready, turned on the TV, and ate and relaxed with Miss Ethel on my lap, and I didn’t move for hours. Through all that talking, I was jerking and flexing, twisting and bobbing. Plus, I had a seizure at fitness. I was physically exhausted when I finally sat down, just before 6:00.

I kept thinking through the end of the day: I was acting like a normal person (except for the speck and spasms). I had a full day of activity. All of it spontaneous except for the fitness class. I’m very glad I started these fitness classes. It’s energized me. 

I do wonder, however, what people think about me. I blend right in, during the class. But because of my seizure in my first class, yesterday, many of the people who came to my aid, came to speak with me. My speech is palling. It’s extremely bad. Plus, I have all my spasms going on. When I’m talking, I behave not unlike the son of a friend of Mrs. Tyrell. He had CP. 

But I’m fine when I’m silent. Often, synonymous with taking the decision to speak, my arms jerk with all my strength up, so that my fists are close to my shoulders. And my entire upper body is tense. And then they start shaking and jerking. At the end of the fitness class, a woman had put out a large tray of cupcakes. I had to ask Steve to pick one up for me and to put it in my hands. And I had to shove it all at once, into my mouth, before they shook it out of my hand. 

My body desperately wants me to be silent. I’ve become worse and worse since October.

My Croci are blooming. The yard is exploding with buds. I wanted to be out there yesterday, but it was only 5° and, as noted above, the day got away from me. Today, therefore, will be slow and gentle, but I will be aware, all day, of how good my body feels. I am not crippled with pain as I was after my first fitness class. I feel fine today. My back is a little sore, but it’s really nothing compared to last week. I’ll shop, I’ll read and I’ll enjoy this cloudy and damp day indoors by the fire.

Himalayan Monal

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