Monday, February 19, 2024

Wicked Little Letters

Two of my favourite actors, Jesse Buckley and Olivia Coleman, have a new film coming out called Wicked Little Letters. I can hardly wait! And the sets! I’m gunna die when I see this film. 

The big community dog walk was lovely. It feels like we are on the cusp of Spring. The air is warm and fragrant and walking with Lars was great. A new dog joined the walk, he’s called Shadow, he’s owned by Caitlin, and he’s a Sheepadoodle. He’s 5 months old, coal black and he’s the most wonderful loving friendly dogger. 

When I came home, Fred and Ethel wanted lunch, so we all had lunch (mine being small because I’m back to quantity control of my eating). After lunch we all had a nap, and I did some reading (Lincoln on the Bardo). At 3:00 we went for a lovely long afternoon walk so that Her Highness would be tired and would rest while I went out for dinner with Jay and his sister, Kelly.

We ate at the Surf, and had a great, great time. It’s pub food at the Surf, but the atmosphere is fabulous. It’s a huge old lodge on the coast of the island, and it’s built with logs. I first visited it when I was 5 years old. Little has changed, but the collection of comfy old sofas and armchairs are gone.

When dinner was done, I raced home to reunite with Her Highness and the felines, and we sat down to watch All Creatures Great and Small, but I just can’t get interested in such a twee production. I’, waiting for Alice and Jack, because I adore the actor Domhnal Gleeson. It’s playing on Masterpiece (PBS) starting March 17.

Today begins with an hour and a half of exercising, after which I will drag my aching body home to have lunch and a nap. Then I’ll settle into Lincoln on the Bardo, a novel that has gleaned amazing praise by a master writer, but it kind of frustrates me. I get slightly angry with works that mix fiction and fact without noting which is which. 

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