Saturday, February 17, 2024

Thank You Apple

 I was not feeling the love for fitness as I left for the community hall yesterday morning. My leg muscles were sore from a long walk with Her Highness on Thursday, so I was dreading the class. However, I went, hoping the drive through the forest on a spectacularly sunny day might get my energy/motivation levels up.

Our classes are an hour and a half now. It’s a daunting challenge, but I was very happy with yesterday’s class because it was the first one without any shaking and a seizure. I could feel that I am getting stronger with each class. I have today and tomorrow for recovery, then it’s back to the gym on Monday morning. Sigh. But I always feel so good once the class is done.

When I got home, I made lunch for all the pets and myself, and then I did domestic chores. Once my chores were done, the spectacular sunshine called me outside. I took Sheba for a lovely long forest walk. We didn’t get home until after 3:00, and then Sheba went to bed, and I got on the chaise to finish my book. 

Donald Trump has made lying a political strategy, and his tactic has spread through the Republican Party. We’re all used to that, as appalled as we may be. But Biden telling Americans and Nevalny’s widow that Putin is responsible is… is what? The truth? How could be know? At best, t’s a guess, if not a lie. Shakespeare wrote: “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” I’d prefer that we start with politicians.

Woo hoo! I have been tormented for months with unwanted notifications appearing on my screen. I hadn’t done anything about it because I dreaded dealing with Apple Help via my TTY telephone service. I did not want to put the TTY operator through the long wait online and all the questions they ask before offering help. So, I bit the bullet and called myself, and I typed a description of my problem into my voice generator to play for her. It was easy to answer here yes and no questions, and very quickly the problem was solved. 

It was a minor problem, but terribly bothersome because the constant notifications slowly would block my screen and I’d have to keep manually removing them. But the problem is solved and I’m so happy to have a minor irritation ended. Wahoo!

Today is dull and chilly. I’ve no desire to be outside today, so I shall spend the day indoors just chillin’, tidying and cleaning. Three weeks from tomorrow, daylight savings time starts; dawn will be later in the morning, but it’s the later sunset that is thrilling. 

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