Thursday, February 22, 2024

Spring is Coming

 We walked and then I got down to work. First I made my Thai shrimp sauce and egg fried rice on which to serve it. I also prepped all the finicky vegetables that will be fried up briefly in my wok with a sauce I made of garlic, pepper, bean paste, lime juice and oyster and fish sauce. So, the main is all Thai. I also prepped all the ingredients for a Thai mango salad.

Then came the fun part. I made crème pâtissière. Yum! How I love baking! I also love making choux paste and seeing how it rises so beautifully in the oven. I’ll be making eclairs and filling them with crème pâtissière and then coating the top of each eclair with chocolate.

We had a lovely surprise in the early afternoon: periods of sunshine. Her Highness and I got into the car and went into the village for more supplies and then a session of fetch in Rollo Park. It felt wonderful to get outside and in sunshine, and to know how well prepared I am for today’s meal. (I always find entertaining rather stressful.)

By the end of the day, I was rather beat. I was looking forward to a restful evening as I wound up my chores at 4:30. Today will be another busy day, but the party with Eoin, François and Jay will be a wonderful way to end it. Poor Jay is now on oxygen. He has a little personal pump. And in just over a week, his house goes up for sale. I am so sad for Jay. He is the finest of men. I just love him. So, it grieves me to hear of all his plans as they are all based on declining capacity.

First thing today, though: fitness for an hour and a half.

Here are some photos taken yesterday afternoon. We have another month of Winter coming, and yet:

I don't know what this plant is, but I have lots of them.
And this one has begun blooming already.



My broken fence. Strom damage from the Fall.








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