Sunday, February 4, 2024


Saturday was a lost day, a total write off. I was so sore, I did as little as possible. I did our two walks with Her Highness, but that was all. The rest of the time I was on the chaise reading. It was the muscles in the back of my upper leg, and my thighs. They were really painful. But this morning, I am feeling much better. There is still slight pain, but rising, sitting and walking are much more comfortable to do.

I’m really enjoying book I’m reading, Lessons in Chemistry. The author, Bonnie Garmus, has a real talent for humour and the book is full of chemistry. I love it. Reading these fictional fantasies that I’ve been reading, are wonderful escapes. I only watch movies or taped television shows so that I live advertisement free. And I’ve found a way to live without the news. Of course, some things seep in from conversations and emails, but I do manage to keep the world at bay for the most part.

I have a single social event planned for the entire month of February. I’m having pizza with Eoin, Fran├žois and Jay tomorrow night. And I’m only walking with my dog walkers once a week now, the other two days they walk, I will be at my fitness class, so this is going to be a very solitary month. I therefore expect to experience some improvement in my symptoms.

 It’s 0°. We’re back to cold weather for the coming week or more. Damn. But there is no snow in the forecast as afternoon temperatures should hover around 6°. We’ll go on the big dog walking group walk this morning, and the rest of the day will be reading by the fire.

My daffodils have large bud heads. They will soon be blooming!!!

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