Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sunday: My Day

I’m doing better with speech. I’ve been frustrated by my inability to determine the reason I am flooded with fake notifications on my iMac. I turned off all my notifications in my system settings, and still they came. So, today I decided to see how using the phone would go. I wanted to call Apple before my Apple Care contract ends.

I was thoroughly chuffed by the experience. That call was how I found out that my speech was better. So next, I called the pharmacy to order a prescription refill. It went well too. By “well,” I mean I got through it and accomplished the task I wanted to do. I struggled with my speech, but everyone was patient and helped me courteously. I haven’t been able to write about an improvement in my condition for a long time.

Also, I’ve noticed that I am walking up hills more easily, and my posture is better. I am not so out of breath of late. I reckon it’s the exercises making things better. But I must start doing stretch exercises because I’m having trouble putting my socks on. And I have to stop eating so much. I’ve put a lot of weight back on.

During our afternoon walk, I ran into Ron and Glynnis on the trails. With the warmer and sunnier weather, everyone is coming out of hibernation. Colleen, next door, was out beating her rugs, Deborah walked by with Stormy, whom I adore, and as I drove past his house, I stopped to say HI to Dave and his dogs, Poppy and Wynter.

When we went for our morning walk yesterday, I had to take my coat off because I was too warm. When I got back home, I noticed that it was 5°. I thought it must be double that. I’m therefore retiring my winter coats; I don’t like being too warm when we walk. I’ll go on the big community dog walk this morning, and tonight, I’ll eat at The Surf with Jay and Kelly.


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