Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chris 6.8

In two months, I will be 68. In two days, I will be sciatica pain free.

Late on Tuesday my sciatica seemed to be improving. But Wednesday morning felt like a major setback; it had a lot of spasm in the morning but not in the afternoon. And now on Wednesday morning, I feel confident I will not use my cane today. I feel very strong.

A couple of years ago, I had my DNA mapped so that I could join an elite cohort of patients who get their medicine individually dosed according to our genotype. In the past, people getting medications took standard doses regardless of their age, weight, diet, state of health and even altitude (And other environmental factors). I am given exactly measured amounts of medication for my lung treatments.

And yesterday I began a transfer process that will move me out of the outpatient program of the Pacific Lung Institute at St. Paul’s Hospital. I am transferring to a new program at Vancouver General Hospital where I will get an App for my phone and some diagnostic tools to bring home. Going forward, I will use my diagnostic tools to obtain information that I will upload into the app to receive diagnostic and treatment directions. I am Chris 6.8.

A photo dump to celebrate a return to walking!

Look at those hands!

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Juliet in Paris said...

Gorgeous photos. I hope your sciatica goes away forever.