Sunday, October 18, 2015


Last night I got dressed for dinner. I donned a white shirt, black pants and my black patent leather shoes but at the last moment I decided to change my shirt to a (Pendleton) Wallace tartan shirt I have that is quite bright.

Gerrie arrived and she brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. We had a wonderful hour together and polished off an entire bottle of champagne here at my place before heading off to Bacchus—the only Relais & Chateaux restaurant in Vancouver. And… on a Saturday night, so it was full.

The maĆ®tre d’ took out coats and escorted us to our table and as I was about to sit down there appeared a little boy from a neighboring table who said: “I really like your plaid shirt!”

He made my day, that little boy and not because of the compliment, but because this charming little guy spoke to me. When I looked at the table from whence he had come, his parents were beaming. I gave them the thumbs up sign and smiled and then I sat down to our fabulous dinner and dessert (after more champagne).

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