Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday: An Ultimate Day

Thursday was one of the best days of my year.

First of all, my new lung doctor is fabulous. He is not an MD, he is a PhD studying asthma and he taught me more about my life, health and asthma than anyone else. And now he is permanently part of my team; he is doctor #3.

Dr. Dorscheid is #1 and my primary specialist. Dr. Leung focuses on my bronchiectasis and does my biopsies and this new doctor ensures I remain compliant, teaches me how to take my meds and about breathing exercises. My new doc is like a personal coach.

After seeing him, I walked for two hours out to Dianne's house for lunch. We had a great talk, ate a delicious lunch and then I helped her with some household tasks she needed my advice on and then I walked home. And all this mid-October walking was done in 18° temperatures. I was in a t-shirt and it was heavenly. (My sciatica was barely there.)

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