Sunday, October 11, 2015

Redemption on Sunday

My favourite restaurant right now, is Chambar. It's great
cooking, extremely well presented and its served by staff
who are warm, casual and not pretentious or intrusive.
This is where I plan to take myself for lunch today. These
are the desserts my friend Tim and I had on Friday.

This is post #999 on this blog. It is the last of, perhaps, twenty blogs I have created for myself or for friends with projects.

I was active in the early days of blogging. One of my earliest blogs predicted Tumblr in that is was nothing but images. I have no idea why, but I trashed it and now I regret that but I have a life-long tradition of destroying or giving away my creative work. Once in the history of that blog I became a huge hit in Poland. For a while, I was getting over ten thousand visits a month, mostly from Poland.

This blog is more like the diaries I kept that were part writing, part scrapbook. Originally, it was going to be a place exclusively for recoding the events occurring on my walks but it has became a practical tool.

By recording things like my recent love burst over E. O. White, when I am out and about with friends and talk about him, this blog that I can access from my phone allows me to share White’s fabulous quotations word-for-word. And, I can share photos of things I have seen or made from this digital personal archive.

It has never been popular in Poland. Neither is it popular here, but a few friends read it and because of their practices, each post feels like a postcard of this life’s voyage.

----- • -----

The worst part of yesterday was a nasty irritant in my eye. Suddenly, I would get this horrid feeling like a grain of sand was in my eye and it would shut. I spend forever rubbing it (and I know that is stupid), rinsing it and doing what my mother taught me—pulling my upper eyelid down over my lower one. Nothing worked.

I used a magnifying glass and the mirror to look for the cause but I could not find anything. Soon, my eye and the skin around it was red and puffy. Let me tell you, I was in poor spirits with horrid sciatica and one eye closed.

Desperate, I drew a hot bath. (Where does that verb come from for bathing?) Heat is not supposed to be good for sciatica, but heat overwhelms. In the bath, all I feel is beautiful heat and I savor it. And on a whim, I sank my head under the water and opened my eyes and I looked left and right and I pulled my eyelids away from my eyes and when I got out all was much, much better.

----- • -----

It’s Sunday morning and I am spending the entire Thanksgiving weekend alone. But today has started very well because my sciatica is calm and when I went to the window at 5:30, I could see stars so I will walk the wall today. It is appropriate that I do as it is my form of divine worship and I will do it at daybreak to beat the hordes.

My plan is to come back here, change into some nice clothes and take myself out for lunch to a nice restaurant. I think of doing this almost every day I spend alone. But I never do it.

Dining alone is tricky; with no one to talk to, time passes quickly. For me, the trick is to have something as delicious as the food to read so that the meal unrolls slowly.

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