Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Morning

Imagine: A CT scan at 8:00 am. That's how my day is beginning today. St. Paul's has a really nice lab where they perform CT scans, X-rays and ultrasound and where they have nice change rooms, a lounge rich with time wasters and lots and lots of heat (because you are hardly wearing anything). But I have to go to the CT scanner in emergency which feels like you are getting the old equipment in the cold dark basement. But once it is over, I get to enjoy two more days of this extraordinary warm and sunny weather.
And, today I am writing—because I am tired of waiting for news—to Convergent to see if there has been any progress with Télé Cinq and or Telefilm regarding a partnership for filming my screenplay, Uncle Gus' Monkey.

The Martian is fabulous entertainment. Seeing it made me proud of Monkey because it is not a "crap" movie like an Adam Sandler movie. It has integrity and is genuinely moving. I was fantasizing that is might get released in cinemas (which will never happen) as I walked to The Martian. But Warren, whose idea it was to turn my play into a movie, is the real winner here.

He was the first to believe in that my life story could be a film. And then Praxis at SFU liked it (it won second place in their screenwriting competition). Then, as our prize, SFU hired two professional readers to assess it professionally and to develop an industry-like synopsis for us, and they both liked it. And then Brad, at Convergent liked it, as did his four or five key partners.

No one has disliked it. No one. So I expect Télé Cinq and Telefilm to like it too. How could I not? And if they like it, Convergent will have partners and we will likely go into production. Hence my eagerness to know where we are at. Stay tuned.

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